In his solo exhibition held in 2016, Huh Sangwook launched a new series of Buncheong objects applying sgraffito patterns, STACCATO. While the sgraffito technique is usually applied when Huh creates a wide face or drawings on the surface of each object, the bakji pattern of this series of work, covering and vibrating the surface, represents staccato : both its visual form as result and the rythmn between scraping motion and touch on this fingertips as process, plus even the actual sound of engobe scraping movement. The series has been evolving into a dynamics of textures and colors through the artist’s intuitive rendering of surroundings.

STACCATO Wallplate, 2017

Installation view, KSD Gallery, Seoul, 2016

STACCATO Wall plates, 2016

STACCATO - Still Life, 2016
∅ 430x60 mm 

STACCATO - Flower, 2016   
∅ 430x60 mm

 Variations of STACCATO, 2017

STACCATO Wallplates, 2017

STACCATO Teaware (Water cooling vessels), 2016

STACCATO Cups, 2016

STACCATO Teaware, 2016

STACCATO Teapots, 2016