MFA in Ceramics, Kookmin University, Seoul
BFA in Ceramics, Kookmin University, Seoul

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Bun-cheong-hwa, Gallery Daunjae, Ulsan
2016  Staccato, KSD Gallery, Seoul
2015  Peony Garden, Place J, Seoul
2013  Huh Sangwook Solo Exhibition, Only Gallery, Seoul
2012  Balance, Wanmul, Seoul
2009  Huh Sangwook Solo Exhibition, Sikijang Gallery, Seoul
2007 Buncheong, Tongin Gallery, Seoul
2007 Bunjanghoechoeng, Sikijang Gallery, Seoul
2001 Monochrome, KCDF Gallery, Seoul
1999 Huh Sangwook Solo Exhibition, Kyungin Museum of Art, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 COLLECT, Saatch Gallery, London
2018 Banquet: Opulence in Grace and Palate, Cheongwadae Sarangchae, Seoul
           Gagarye(家家禮): Family Tradition of Ancestral Ritual, Areumjigi, Seoul 
           The Power of [Extra]Ordinary, KCDF Gallery, Seoul 
            法古創新, Lkate Gallery, Seoul
            Archaic Naivety: Lee Dongsik & Huh Sangwook, Gallery Cheongdam, Seoul
2017 Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadephia, PA, USA
          Coveted Beauty, G-Ceramic Fair Thematic Exhibition, AT Center, Seoul
          Maison & Objet, Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris, France
          Liberal Spirit in Buncheong, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae
          Craft Climax, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Ansan 
          Memory: Reflecting on Life, 9th GICBiennale, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, Gwangju
          Tableware Proposed by Three Artists, Dorothy Salon, Seoul
2016 One Summer Day’s Repose, National Folk Museum, Seoul
2015 Resonance of Traditional Color: Traditional East Asian Ceramic Art, Gyeonggi Ceramics Museum, Gwangju
          Cheonggju Craft Biennale, Cheonggju
          KOREA NOW, Les Arts décoratifs, Paris, France
          Korea-China Engobe Exhibition, Korean Culture Center, Beijing, China
          Traditional Alcoholic Beverages With Side Dishes, Arumjigi Foundation
2014 The Tea, Healing and Joy, Gyeonggi Museum
          Dignity of Korean Dinning, Mugunghwa, Lotte Hotel Seoul
          Take the Old, Creat the New, Maison Le Beige, Seoul
2013 Vessles, Youngam Pottery Museum, Youngam
          Hidden Match-An Exhibition of Korea Craft, National Museum of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
          Tasteful Dishes & Tasty Dishes, Icheon Ceramic Festival, Icheon
          Taeseongojip : Will for the Good, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum
2012 China-Korea Ceramic Art Exhibition, Longquan Celadon Museum, China
          Contermporary Munbang with 10 Ceramisits, Wanmul, Seoul
          Elegance of Qutodien, Lotte Gallery, Busan
          Beautiful Vessels, Cheongdam Gallery, Seoul
2011 Korea-China Ceramics, Gyeonggi International Ceramics Biennale, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, Gwnagju
          Korean Cearmics, Buncheong Exhibition, Musée Ariana, Geneva, Switzerland
          Ceramic Space, Doosan Art Square, Seoul
2010 1001 Cups : Journey of Contemporary Ceramics, Icheon, Guangzhou, Pqris, Roubaix, Geneva, La Chaux-de-fonts
          Beautiful Vessels, Yido Gallery, Seoul
2009 Beopgochangshin : Innovation from Tradition, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, Gwangju
          Kim Sangman & Huh Sangwook, Song House Gallery
          Blue and White Porcelain of the 21th Century, World Ceramic Biennale Korea, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, Gwangju
2008 Byukkwan : Facing the Wall, Gana Art Space, Seoul
          Korean Crafts, Icheon International Airport Traditional Craft Gallery, Incheon
          Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
          Lidded Boxes, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul
          Tradition and Modernity of Korean Ceramics, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon
2007 Beautiful Korean Ceramics, Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju
          Contemporary Ceramics, Wooduk Gallery
          Discovery of Gyeonggi Ceramics, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon
          Korea Crafts Council Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2006 Japanese and Korean Ceramics of the 20th Century, Bonhams Auction, London
          Traditional Yet Contemporary, The Air Gallery, London
           Identity of Korean Crafts, Daegu Art Center, Daegu
           Kim Gyutae & Huh Sangwook, Cheongbaek Gallery, Daegu
2005 Ceramics with Nature : Traditional Korean Ceramics, World Ceramic Biennale Korea, Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju
           Ceramic House II, World Ceramic Biennale Korea, World Livingware Gallery, Yeoju
           The Scent of Ceramics, Tongin Galery, Seoul
2004  Korean Tea Cultre and Tea Ware, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon
           Contemporay Korean Ceramics, International House, Osaka
           Inaugural Exhibition, Han Hyang Lim Gallery    
           Buncheong Ware Exhibition, Monticello Gallery
2003 Korean Ceramics Exhibition, World Ceramic Biennale Korea, Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju
          Beautiful Solongos, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar
          Korean Crafts Council Exhibition, Hangaram Museum of Art, Seoul Arts Center
2002 From Joseon : Aesthetics of Contemporary White Porcelain and Bucheong, Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju
          Present, Ceramic Yo
          Incense, Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Seoul
          Friends on Desk, Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Seoul
          Lee Dongsik Lee & Huh Sangwook Huh Ceramic Exhibition, Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Seoul
2001 World Ceramic Exposition Korea, Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju
          Image of Korea Exhibition, New Zealand
          Living and Culture Exchange, Kyushu Ceramic Museum, Saga, Japan
          Indoor Space, Gallery Chang, Seoul
          Bukak Ceramists Exhibition, Gana Art Space, Seoul
2000 The State Museum of Oriental Art, 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition of Diplomatic Relations between South Korea and Russia, Moscow, Russia
          Summer Plates, Craft House, Seoul
          Dorak - Pots, MIZ Gallery, Seoul
1999 Ceramic and Orchid, COEX, Seoul
          Korea’s Best Artists Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
          Jeonwon Gallery Inaugural Exhibition, Jeonwon Gallery, Ganghwa
          2021C, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
          Life Aesthetic – Craft and Design, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul
          Yangpyeong Art Museum Inaugural Exhibition, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
          Namseoul University Professors’ Exhibition, Namseoul University, Cheonan
1998 Korea Contemporary Craft 30, Chohyung Gallery, Seoul
          Huh Sangwook & Jeong Jaeim Duo Show, Moonermi Gallery, Yangpyeong
1997 Pottery pleasure “Black” exhibition, Ewho Gallery, Seoul
1996 Young Artists Association Inaugural Exhibition, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul

Public Collections
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Musée Ariana, Geneva
National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Poland
Gyeonggi Ceramic Museu, Gwangju
Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon
World Livingware Gallery, Yeoju
Kookmin University, Seoul
Han Hyang Lim Onggi Museum, Paju
Baesangmyun Brewery Co., Ltd.

Awards/Grants (selected)
2006 Special Prize, Beautiful Korean Ceramics Competition, World Ceramic Biennale Korea
           Honorable Mention, Toya Tableware Competition
2005 Honorable Mention in Crafts, Grand Art Exhibition of Korea
           Special Prize, International Competition, World Ceramic Biennale Korea
2004 Honorable Mention, Beautiful Korean Ceramics Competition, World Ceramic Biennale Korea
2003 Honorable Mention, International Competition, World Ceramic Biennale Korea
Buncheong Seminar, Fondation Bruckner, Geneva

Seoul Women’s University, Kookmin University

What is Buncheong ?

Buncheong is a type of Korean ceramics which had been invented in the transition period from Goryeo dynasty to Joseon dynasty. The word ‘Buncheong’ is short for bunjang-hoecheong*, which is the Korean word for ‘decorated celadon’. Art historian Ko Yuseop** coined this term referring to the type of Korean ceramics characterized by grayish-green color on the body with white-clay slip overlay. Various decorations of applying w hite slip make buncheong style unique. Buncheong is basically a continuation of celadon considering the type of clay and glaze used, but the clay body for Buncheong has a lower iron content than celadon clay, making Buncheong ware brighter in color. Variations of decorating methods and different content of clay from region to region contribute to the diversity of Buncheong. READ MORE >>

*Bunjang means to decorate and hoecheong means grayish celadon. Each word’s meanings are as follows : bun 紛-powder, face powder(cosmetics), pigment, coloring, to apply make-up, white; jang -to decorate, to apply make-up, to dress up, to disguise; hoe - ash, lime, dust, grey(color), grayish; cheong - blue, green. 
** Ko Yuseop (1905-1944), also known by his pen name Uhyeon, was the first Korean to establish a modern academic framework for Korean art and aesthetics during the Japanese colonial occupation.

Qu’est ce que le Buncheong ?